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Astrologer in Astoria Queens, NY

Trusted Astrologer in Astoria Queens, NY

Sandra is a trusted astrologer in Astoria Queens, NY. She is very passionate about her gift that’s why she performs well as a spiritual advisor. Here’s what people say about her psychic readings!

"This was a great first experience for me. I loved her open, loving, and honest approach. She was great at hitting points that matters in what you need to know and not just what you came for. This is a great informal and understanding." — Ali G.

"My love Sandra! mwah! so was amazing! I can sit here all day and type but from my excitement I say JUST TRY HER OUT & THANK ME LATER words cannot describe how phenomenal I feel! THANKS A BUNCH SANDRA." — Maria S.

"Best Psychic In New York City, I am a medical doctor and I recommend her! Lots of advice givin without me saying a word. She was detailed descriptive and she blew it out of the park. She is set aside from the Competition, were other "entertained" psychic she is the REAL deal love you Sandra 100***" — Arza B.

"She was by far the most amazingly nice, honest & caring psychic out there, Sandra provided me information that I even forgot about myself! She is what she says she is GIFTED bless her soul cause without her I was a lost soul 100 stars*****" — Ben C.

"My friends thought it would be a cool bonding experience to get our palms read so we went to go see Sandra. I was mind blown at the insights she gave me when she read my palm. We all had a blast and learned something about ourselves in our first psychic reading. Thanks Sandra." — Toni F.

"I've always had a spiritual side to me and have gotten my palms and tarot cards read several times before so I went to Psychic Readings by Sandra when I moved to Lodi. I went to see Sandra to get my chakra balanced and was very satisfied with her service. I was surprised to see that she offered pet readings and I am actually excited to bring my dog to Sandra." —Cletus D.

"I was a little unsure at first about the whole thing.. me and my friend called and made a appointment with sandra she was very nice she welcomed us with a big smile she was also very affordable i got the 50$ tarot card reading it was very accurate and point on she covered all areas in my life all the questions i had was answered.... she made me a believer!!!!" — A Google User

You will never regret trying Sandra’s service. Call now!